Have you ever noticed the poppy flowers that are planted by the side of the highway in the summertime? Think, someone planted those there. It took them time and hard work planting in the sun, so that complete strangers driving by would have a drive that was a little bit more beautiful—a drive where they would have the opportunity to smile at something colorful on a cloudy day. That is an example of a story that a person wouldn’t notice right away. Sometimes people miss those little details, those sweet little stories that impact a person’s day. Tim Ray Photography captures images that express those stories. Some are hidden like buried treasure, but we believe that the ones that you don’t normally see right away are the ones that can mean the most. At Tim Ray Photography, we strive to look for those little nuances in your wedding day, those little details that might not be easily noticed by some, but that means something dear to you. This is the story about a bride and her bouquet.

Elegant Personalized Wedding Bouquet

With every silk petal that slips into its holder, you see yourself longing for the touch of your fiancé’s hand.

Can you imagine arranging your own wedding bouquet? Excited and nervous at the same time, silk and homemade flowers slip into their perfect places within their holder. Every flower was thought out, some were crafted specifically for your bouquet by those you love and who love you, and each one has an aspect of something that defines you. It feels like the future in your hands. With each flower that falls into place, you see yourself walking down the aisle. With every silk petal that slips into its holder, you see yourself longing for the touch of your fiancé’s hand in yours on the day of your wedding. This is true for Tiffany, who designed her own beautiful wedding bouquet.

Personalized wedding bouquet compliments dress

Personalizing the wedding bouquet to suit the groom.

Tiffany’s color choices had a deeper meaning than what you might suppose. Her soon-to-be husband, Rustin, was color-blind, and she wanted to choose colors that not only she loved, but were also colors that he could see. On the day of their wedding, it was important to her that the bouquet that she held was one that not only reflected her personality, but the colors of which would be visible to her soon-to-be husband. She wanted him to be able to see those beautiful flowers sparkle and contrast against her white dress as she walked down the aisle. With this in mind, she decided on the color combination of yellows, pinks, silvers and creams. These were more neutral colors that complimented the venue, that she loved, and that her fiancé would also be able to admire.

Bride makes the bouquet with groom’s color blindness in mind

The beauty of something made for you.

The flowers in her bouquet held some deep emotional value. Some things are even more precious when they are made for you by someone who loves you. The pink peonies in her bouquet and the table settings for her tables were made by her mother specifically for her and her future husband. Whenever she would hold that bouquet, she would always remember that those delicate pink peonies were hand-made with her wedding—the greatest day of her and her husband’s lives together—in mind. When she would ever pick up the bouquet to admire, she would always know that her mother’s love was engrafted in those delicate hand-made flowers. Forever those flowers would be dear to her heart.

Importance of personalization. 

  A bouquet is something that can reflect the individual personality of the bride; being that it can be personalized. Tiffany made her own bouquet holder and designed it with ideas from one of her favorite subjects, Star Wars. Tiffany told me that Star Wars was something that she loved to watch as a child and as an adult, and she decided to incorporate that love into her bouquet holder as a lightsaber. This was not only something nostalgic and creative, but it was something that makes the bouquet holder completely unique to Tiffany on her wedding day. 

A bouquet made with her favorite things.

 However, on the day of her wedding, Tiffany only wanted to hold the hand of her soon-to-be husband, Rustin. Nothing else mattered but the warmth his hand encasing hers. Holding the bouquet that she made with her favorite things in mind could not compare to holding the hand of her husband on their wedding day. The work, the time, the effort, none of that mattered in the end because all that she wanted to do was to marry the love of her life. All she wanted was to be his.

A bouquet tells a story.       

Bride with her bridesmaids

 The story of your wedding is something beautiful. Each story is different, but every person is unique, and that makes your story even more beautiful to us. We love to capture images that show your unique personality and express a moment that is precious to you. We want you to be able to look at a beautiful wall portrait hanging on your wall and relive a moment in time when your life was changed forever. Like the story of this bouquet, we strive to capture the memories that have a place in your heart. Everything has a story. All you have to do is look a little closer to see it.


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