Black and White Photography is timeless.

Black and white wedding photography lends a timeless quality to photographs.  Maybe it is because we still think of vintage, romantic and nostalgic photography when we see a black and white portrait.

Wedding portrait at West Virginia Capitol Building

Black and white photography is an art form.

Photography is an art form. What makes art “art”, is that when you listen to it, experience it or view it, you feel something.   You realize this when you are viewing pictures of loved ones and remembering happy times, go shopping online and buy something amazing because the photography is good, or see a commercial for hot fudge sundae and instantly go to Dairy Queen and buy one.  Beautiful photography captured by an artist creates lasting emotions that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Black and white draws attention to church’s ceiling

Black and white photography helps you notice details you might have missed when the photograph was in color.

When all the colors are taken away from a photograph, you begin to focus on details you might have missed – the curve of a bride’s cheekbone, the expression of a father’s face as he dances with his daughter, the play of light on an object, the texture of a gown or exuberance of the groom’s men as they make a toast.  

Bride on her wedding day
Black and white photography of the groom

The artist can draw attention to specific details of his photograph.

Before a photograph is devoid of color, one might have noticed the saturation of colors. When the colors are gone, the eyes are drawn to expression on faces and texture.  In essence, black and white photography eliminates distractions. 

Beauty of her gown and the light reflected on the ceiling
Gorgeous lace of a gown

The photographer can create a whole new mood to his art.

When a photographer takes a color image and makes it black and white in post production, he can create a whole new image by creatively darkening or lightening shades of grey to emphasize or deemphasize another feature of the photo.

Kissing in a field of flowers
First Dance

Changing a color photograph to black and white can improve the quality of the photograph. 

Making a color photograph and changing it to color in post production can help improve the quality of the photograph if the location had poor lighting, or the candid photograph had motion blur.

First Dance
Wedding party black and white

Black and white photography is glamorous!

Black and white wedding photography is glamorous!  Maybe it is because we think of glamorous movie stars from a time when black and white film was all there was.  It adds an edge of glamour to a photograph.  With grooms, it makes them look mysterious and rugged, and with brides, the folds and lace of a dress is accentuated.


Stefanie Ray is a professional photographer, owner and operator along with her husband, Tim Ray, of Tim Ray Photography. She is highly involved in all the color enhancement of the wedding photography. Tim Ray Photography is a family owned and operated business and has been in the wedding photography business for more than 30 years.

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