Your wedding day has been like a fairy tale from start to finish.  It is the cumulation of all your dreams since you were a little girl.  Why not make the Wedding Day Send Off have equal pizzazz?  

Plan to wow your guests from start to finish!

We love colorful wedding sendoffs.  Your guests have been awed by how beautiful you look today.  After all, many of them have known you as a little girl and can’t believe the has come when you are a bride!  Wow them even more with a colorful ending to the ceremony or reception.

Balloon Send Offs

Have all your guests hold helium balloons and watch them soar as you and your husband kiss.  There’s nothing better to express exuberance and weightlessness than a brightly colored helium balloon! 

Wedding Day Send Offs

Firework Send Offs

Have a colorful firework send off to wow your guests. If you hire a experienced and artful photographer, he will know how to light you and still capture the beautiful fireworks.  This portrait was lit form the side.  

Fireworks Wedding Day Send Offs

Bubbles are always a blast!

What is more delightful than blowing bubbles at a wedding send off?  Both young and old alike giggle as they watch the iridescent bubbles floating heavenward.  On top of that, bubbles make really good back drops for a wedding send off!

Bubbles Wedding Day Send Off
Bubbles Wedding Day Send Off
Bubbles Wedding Day Send Off

Sparkles make a send off…sparkle!

Wedding day sparklers make for very dramatic portraits as your guests are lit by the sparklers as well as the bride and groom.  Make sure you do not have someone light all the sparklers at once!  You may have an explosion!  Have your guests hold the unlit sparklers and light them one by one.  

Sparkler Send Off
Sparkler Send Off
Sparkler Send Off

Night time city lights make a colorful send off!

If you have married where there are colorful street lights, take some night time shots!  This is especially colorful at Christmas time!  Your experienced photographer will know how to capture you in poor lighting situations like night time.

City Light Send Off

Chinese Lanterns!

Chinese Lanterns! Enough said. What a display of love. Weightless beauty lighting the night. Love will light your way all through your lives together. We love Chinese Lanterns!

Sunsets add a sense of romance!

Sunset Send Off
Sunset Send Off

Steal away from your guests for a few minutes.  After all, they will probably be dancing or enjoying the wedding cake.  Steal away to get some gorgeous sunset pictures.  Sunsets hold such romance!


Stefanie Ray is a professional photographer, owner and operator along with her husband, Tim Ray, of Tim Ray Photography. She is highly involved in all the color enhancement of the wedding photography. Tim Ray Photography is a family owned and operated business and has been in the wedding photography business for more than 30 years.

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