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Your fur baby is a part of your family.  For many new couples, a dog, cat, horse, iguana, pet crab and goldfish are the very first steps to having a human pack of their own someday.  For many people, having fur babies is not just for fun, but it actually makes people healthier.

For one, fur babies are great companions.  You are never alone when you have a fur baby.  They love unconditionally.  Dogs and other fur babies also keep their people more active decreasing blood pressure, and managing cholesterol levels.  All in all, snuggly fur babies make their people happy.  Why not include them on the wedding day?  Here is a list of ways:

Ring “Bear”

Make your fur baby a ring bearer.  Place the wedding ring on a sparkly collar as he walks down the isle delivering the rings.    As he cutely walks down the isle, he will be a hit with the entire wedding ensemble as you hear “oohs and ahhh’s”.

Escort Down the Isle

If you are having a farm or barn wedding, invite your horse to walk you down the isle or usher you in a horse drawn carriage to the ceremony.  After the ceremony ride away in a getaway to spend a few moments alone with the groom.  You will treasure the portraits the photographer captures of this moment.

“Family” Portraits

Portraits of the bride and groom with their fur baby are something you will always treasure.  How often do you get a chance to get professional photographs of your snuggly cuties?  Dress them up in something adorable for the wedding photographs.  

The Hit of the Party

Fur babies are always the hit of every party.  They know just how to capture the heart of your guests.  Some fur babies become quite adept at dancing.  Our Havanese loves to entertain us by her cute spin/karate/dancing.  You may not want to do this with a clydesdale though.

They Relieve Stress

Fur babies have one job:  to love you.  They will be there on the wedding day to give kisses, affection and treats.  Mostly they will help you not to become stressed.  Wedding days can be hectic and stressful.  Take a fur baby vacation throughout the day to relax.

Always remember to have a member of the family in charge of the fur babies so you can enjoy your guests and husband.  Weddings happen once in a lifetime!  Enjoy the day!

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In this article, learn ways to make sure you receive the portraits of your dreams when you choose to tie the knot in a farm or barn wedding and events venue.

Non-tradition reception venues are a recent trend among the newly engaged.  Formal black-tie weddings have decreased 20% in recent years.  Homemade chalk board signs, distressed vintage furniture all reflect the charm of “rustic chic”.

Barn Wedding
Barn Wedding
Barn Wedding
Barn Wedding

As a result of the trend away from the more formal wedding locations, a wave of faux barns have become popular around West Virginia and the surrounding areas.  Like many generations before them, young brides want expensive weddings, but instead of the formal venues, churches, restaurants, ball rooms and hotels, millennial instead wants barns, metal pole buildings, and breweries.

The new approach to weddings is to personalize one’s wedding.  Millennials choose to make the wedding an expression of their identity.  As a result, we see the rise of themed weddings, weddings in unique locales such as historic homes, vineyards, farms, and mountaintops.  According to recent articles, cost is not the deciding factor as to whether to choose a formal venue, or choose a farm wedding.

Farm/Barn Wedding
Farm Barn Wedding
Farm Wedding

Pros and Cons to Having a Barn Wedding


  •   Picturesque. Rolling fields of golden grass set on the hills of the Appalachians are masterpieces when paired with professional artistic wedding photography.   A wedding ceremony set among a meadow of waving grass with dramatic clouds in the distance, makes for a masterpiece portrait you will treasure all your life.  
  •   A Blank Canvas.  According to Wedding Wire, many couples choose to tie the knot in a barn venue because they can truly capture the rustic chic trend.  A bride may have a “hands-on” experience with all the little delightful aspects of decorating her wedding day to express her personal style and capture the charm in all the ways she has always dreamed to encapsulate a rustic chic wedding.  
  •   On the other hand, a more formal venue or church will have restrictions on the decorations.  Many formal venues have their own professional decorators who add cheer to the venue for holidays, etc.  Additionally, some venues charge extra to come the day before the wedding in order to decorate, or charge for cleaning, etc.
  •   Privacy.  A wedding in a faux barn will offer privacy for the reception party.  Sound that a live band or a DJ might produce, will not be hindered by the fear of keeping the music down low.
  •   Space.  In a barn wedding, the guests will have plenty of space to dance.  The little children at the wedding will have enough space to run around.
  • Furry Friends. From dogs, to horses to cows, your furry friends will have no problem being a part of your ceremony and reception.

Cons to Having a Barn Wedding:

  •   Paving and wheel friendly.  Make sure the venue has paved area for the cars of your guests.  You don’t want anyone getting stuck.
  •   Portrait opportunities.  Many newly made “barn” wedding venues, are just a pole building with a parking lot.  Little consideration has been taken for beautiful landscaping.  If the venue is not placed in a beautiful field or surrounded by landscaping, make sure you arrive a day before to scout out perfect location for you and your photographer to go after the wedding to take portraits.  There is only so much a photographer can created with metal siding, parking lot and parked cars if there is no flowers, grass, trees, or space where there are points of interest.  Driving from A to point B after the wedding may take time away from timely getting to the reception and may throw your wedding time frame off.
  •   Wheel chair and handicap accessible.  Make sure the faux barn wedding venue is handicap accessible and has handicap accessible bathroom facilities in place for your guests.  If not, you may have to rent portable bathrooms.  We have photographed weddings at barn venues where there was only one bathroom with steep stairs for all the guests.  You don’t want the elderly or handicap to trip and fall.
  •   Finished or unfinished flooring.  Does the barn have a dirt floor or finished floor?  With dirt, hay and dust, many of your guests may have allergic reactions.  Spiders love to live in barns.  We recently photographed a barn wedding where the bride stepped on a nest of spiders which flew up into the floods of her lacy gown.
  •   Can you bring your own photographer?  Some barn venues require you to use their own photographers.  You may experience a loss of quality photography if you have to rely on the barn venue’s hired photographers.  The photographers may not be experienced qualified wedding photographers and may not capture the romance of your wedding of which you had dreamed.  If you choose to have your wedding at a barn who insists on their own photographer, ask to see entire weddings the photographer has photographed.  Speak with the photographer beforehand and ask how many weddings he has photographed.  You don’t want to be stuck with disappointment after your wedding day by receiving blurry, dark, and poorly composed images of the most important day of your life.  
4 T Arena, Fairmont, WV
4 T Arena

If you’re having a barn wedding, call us today and tell us your ideas!  We would love to speak with you regarding your wedding.  Call us for current wedding sales and specials.

Why Hire Tim Ray Photography to Photograph Your Wedding?

How Choosing The Wrong Dress Can Ruin Your Wedding Day

There is only one thing that makes a wedding dress look lovely, and that is the bride herself!  From her face, she radiants joy. It’s her own vibrancy that makes beautiful wedding day portraits a work of art.  If she feels uncomfortable in a dress poorly chosen to suit her style, those expressions will come out in her wedding portraits.  It is her beautiful face and expressions, as well as the romance between the bride and the groom that make a wedding portrait dazzle.  Choosing the right dress for you is of immeasurable importance.  

Below are a few things to consider when choosing one of the most important aspects of your wedding day – your dress.  Photographers may not be experts in brands of dresses, but professional experienced wedding photographers are experts in enhancing the dress, posing the bride so she looks her most dazzling, emphasizing and de-emphasizing her figure through posing to make her look her best on her wedding day.

Here are some ideas to consider:

Is The Dress In The Style You Like?

There are many things to consider when choosing a wedding dress.  First what style do you like?  You will be wearing your wedding dress all day.  Don’t choose a gown that you hate! From a ball gown, to a mermaid style dress, an A-line dress, a sheath dress, a short dress, and lastly a themed wedding dress, there are many types of wedding dresses available.  Wedding portraits by a professional experienced wedding photographer will capture each style of dress beautifully.  Research to find out which style suits you.  

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you are choosing a wedding dress.

Does The Style Of Dress Suite Your Body Type?

An experienced wedding photographer will be able to enhance and deemphasize each body style using angles and lighting.  Certain angles he will place the bride will take off 20 to 30 pounds.    Additionally, brides photographed at wrong angles can add weight where there is none.  Choosing a photographer who knows how to position you for optimization is paramount.

Choose the Right Wedding Dress Style For Your Body Type.

There are certain aspects of the cuts of wedding gowns that can emphasize or deemphasize each body style.  Whether curvy, slender, large armed, large busted or small busted, tall or short, it’s important to find a dress that covers all the important parts!  You will not want to spend the day adjusting, pulling, and feeling exposed in a wedding dress.  Feeling uncomfortable will make your guests also feel uncomfortable as they see you constantly pulling up an ill fitting dress.  These expressions might come out in your portraits, and ruin an otherwise perfect day.

Dresses For Every Body Type!

Do your research!  There are many articles out there on the internet to help brides choose a style of wedding dress that suits their body style.  For pear shaped body, many websites recommend a ball gown style dress with a fitted bodice paired with a dramatic full skirt.  For an hourglass body, a mermaid style dress, which is slim through the bodice and hips before flaring out looks stunning.  For an apple shaped body, use an A-Line styled dress.  Choose a short dress if it suits you, and kick up your heels with a cropped hemline!  Shoes will stand out beautifully with a short dress.  Lastly for a straighter figure, try a sheath style dress, a slim cut that follows the body’s natural shape.  Short dresses show off beautiful shoes and shorter body styles.

What Season Is Your Wedding Taking Place?

Another thing to think of when choosing a wedding dress is what is the temperature going to be when you are getting married?  Chances are, you will be wearing the dress all day long until the night hours as the reception party takes place.  If you are getting married in the summer, choose a dress that will breath and keep you cooler.  You will not want to be losing all your makeup before you wedding begins because you are too hot.  Being too overheated will ruin a wedding day.  

Summer Wedding Lakeview Golf Resort

Winter Weddings.

On the other hand, being too cold will make you miserable on a winter/fall wedding day.  There are many options for winter weddings.  A fuzzy furry jacket or lacy shawl can help keep a bride warm and look elegant in photographs.  Winter wedding portrait scenes sparkle with spectacular snowy whiteness with a white fur jacket.

Winter Wedding Waterfront Place, Morgantown

Is The Dress Easily Bustled?

If you are having a reception where there will be dancing, you are going to need help bustling the dress.  Be sure and know how to bustle it before your wedding and have a team in place to quickly help you bustle your gown.

What is your budget?

Chances are the wedding gown is top of the priority for your wedding.  However, think about what truly matters.  After the wedding is over, the cake is eaten, the party has ended, all you will have is the romance between the two of you, and your treasured portraits to display in your home, use as conversation pieces with your friends, and show your children someday.  Wedding portraits make the best wall art for newly purchased homes.  If you have hired an experienced professional photographer, you will have numerous portraits, from scenic portraits, bridal close-ups, portraits of friends and family to enlarge, and hang on the wall enjoying them for years to come.  Place a priority on hiring the best professional.  Chances are he will work with you on a payment plan.  Don’t skimp on the photography.  You will be heartbroken with no portraits to prize.  Read here for questions to ask when you are going to meet a perspective wedding photographer whom you are thinking of hiring.

Make an appointment at a great bridal salon.

Here is a list of bridal salons in our area who have pleased many of our brides with a beautiful and honest wedding experience :


Daniel’s of Morgantown

Coni & Franc Morgantown

The Vow Boutique

Choose A Style Of Photography That Emphasizes Details

There are many types and styles of wedding photography today. What style attracts your eye? One trendy style of wedding photography is called “light and airy”. It is a style where the photographer blows out the highlights in his portraits so that all the highlights are very bright with little low lights. With this style, detail in the wedding dress is lost because the shadows have been over exposed. If you love to see the folds, beading, lace and detail of the wedding dress that caught you heart, you will need to find a professional skilled wedding photographer who has an eye for details and does not overexpose the highlights of a portrait He will understand how to light you and your gorgeous dress so that you will be able to see the details of the lace, the cut and the beading. The “light and airy” style of wedding photography loses all of the detail.

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