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Highgate Carriage House is a wedding and reception venue located in the heart of beautiful Fairmont, West Virginia.  It is a wedding ceremony and reception venue with availability indoors or outdoors on the elegantly landscaped lawn.  

High Gate Carriage House
High Gate Carriage House
High Gate Carriage House
High Gate Carriage House

Fairy Tale Romance

High Carriage House was built in 1908 by businessman James Edwin Watson and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  Even though it was built prior to World War I, it is built in the Tudor Revival style of architecture and shows the opulence and wealth that resided in Fairmont during that time.  

High Gate Carriage House
High Gate Carriage House

Vintage Romance

If you love beautiful stonework, vines, elegantly welded ironwork, fountains, lovely ancient trees and landscaping, High Gate Carriage House is your venue.  

High Gate Carriage House
High Gate Carriage House
High Gate Carriage House


Reviews for this as a wedding venue can be seen on Wedding Wire and The Knot.  

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Family owned, Benton Grove Bed and Banquets is a wedding venue whom we have loved photographing weddings over the years. Surrounded by the lush rolling hills of West Virginia, it is a wedding and events venue perched elegantly atop rolling hills in between Fairmont and Morgantown, WV.  It is approximately four hours drive from Washington DC making it a perfect location for a wedding getaway among large city dwellers. It is 20 minutes from Clarksburg, WV and 12 minutes from Morgantown, WV, with easy access to I-79, and can facilitate weddings, receptions and a wide variety of event planning.

Beautifully Furnished Rooms

Benton Grove Bed and Banquets is elegantly furnished for wedding day preparations with bride’s maids and groomsmen. Luxuriously decorated, Benton Grove Bed and Banquets, has six guest suits, equipped with whirlpool tubs and finely furnished available for wedding guests. This dressing room pictured below is beautifully lit for artistic wedding day portraits of the bride and her bridal party.

Weddings at Benton Grove Bed and Banquets
Weddings at Benton Grove Bed and Banquets
Weddings at Benton Grove Bed and Banquets

Stunning Mountaintop Views

Surrounded by glorious views all around, Benton Grove Bed and Banquets has a beautiful wedding gazebo, large lawn surrounded by professional landscaping, and large indoor locations for weddings.  This photograph was taken behind the gazebo. It displays the best of West Virginia: cool mountain breezes, a rolling hillside, and stunning views all seasons of the year.

Benton Grove Bed and Banquets
Benton Grove Bed and Banquets

Stately Locations For Indoor Ceremonies

In addition to it’s picturesque lawn overlooking the valley below, Benton Grove Bed and Banquets also has indoor facilities for wedding ceremonies. Beautiful furnished and elegantly decorated, Benton Grove Bed and Banquets is finely suited for elegant wedding portraits.

Well Equipped for Excellent Service

A culinary team offers a diverse menu and can serve from weddings, small corporate meetings to a grand full service reception.

Weddings at Benton Grove Bed and Banquets
Weddings at Benton Grove Bed and Banquets

Prioritize Your Wedding Budget!

After the wedding is over, the cake is eaten, the flowers are preserved, dress hung up and tux returned, you will have the love between you and your husband and your portraits to treasure. Budget your wedding in order to be able to hire the very best. There is a extreme difference in the quality of wedding photographers. Make sure you see whole weddings that your photographer has photographed. Hire a photographer whose portraits you love, display in your home, adore in an album and treasure all of your lives together.

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The ambiance of a light shining through church windows on the bride and groom as they exchange their vows is etherial.  Either large stained glass windows casting glorious colors or simple windows make a sanctuary look heavenly.

Great Beginnings

God can be the center of the momentous day of your life.  For many, getting married in one’s church, is a vibrant and true statement to everyone who attends that God is the center of your married life.  

Beautiful Family Moments

There is such a sweetness when a father walks his daughter down the isle of her church.  Most fathers look forward to the day he will walk his beautiful daughter down the isle and give her away to her husband.  Most fathers and mothers pray their whole daughter’s life for the right man for her to marry.  This is an answer to prayer for them.  The photographs the photographer will capture of this moment will be one the parents will always treasure.

Church Family

There is something astoundingly beautiful about saying your vows in front of people who have watched you grow up.  The ladies who watched you in the toddler class when you were a toddler, get to share your wedding day with you and the church where you grew up. It gives them such joy to see the woman or man you have grown up to be.

Climate Controlled

Your church family can all be apart comfortably knowing no-one will receive a sunburn, get too hot,, or adequate water.  For the handicap, most churches have facilities that are handicapped accessible. Those who love you most – your church family, can celebrate your day with you. Whatever the weather decides to do, your guests will be warm, protected and safe from any weather condition.  From the elderly to the young, all will stay warm, or cool and dry. Many wedding venues are not adequately equipped for the handicapped, a nursing mother, or if the weather turns bad.

The Vows

Those who have seen you grow up in the church, can be a part of the covenant you make with your husband/wife.  This is so special to witness for many people.  

Pastoral Care

Your pastor, whom you love to listen, can usher you into the most important life decision you will ever make.  He can be there for you through the moment of which you have dreamed your whole life – your wedding day.  Your pastor can pray with you, advise you, and help you make your first steps as a married couple.

Lovely Landscaping

Most Churches have beautiful landscaping all around the church building where wedding portraits can be captured. Churches have large spaces outside where large family groupings and wedding party portraits can be photographed. Shrubs, flowers, trees and long grasses make beautiful backdrops for bride and groom portraits.

Great Acoustics

Most churches are acoustically friendly.  If you prize beautiful singing and playing at your wedding, a church will probably have a sound system in place with which your musicians can perform. Also most churches have pianos and microphones where your keyboardist and singers can perform for your wedding.

Church Kitchens and Banquet Hall

Oftentimes churches are equipped for church banquets.  Your ceremony and reception can be comfortable held in the same location making it easier on all of your friends and family in attendance. When you don’t have to drive to a separate reception location, you have more time for your photographer to take photographs. Driving from point A to Point B takes up a lot of valuable time.

Interesting Architecture

Inside and out, churches have interesting architecture which makes the portraits look outstanding. Often the ceilings are vaulted with beautiful beams and lines. Ceremonies look beautiful in a large sanctuary with beautiful architecture.

Cost Effective

Wedding venues often times are very pricy.  Many of them charge more to take an extra day to decorate.  Also there are hidden fees with a wedding venue for cleaning, etc.  Having a ceremony at your church can save money. This is money you can spend on quality photography. Oftentimes wedding venues require you to use their own photographers, who may be lacking in experience and quality work.

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