When life hands you rain, laugh in the rain!

by Stefanie Ray

When life hands you rain, make the most of it!  Rain from a photographers standpoint, can create dramatic results! Read this article to find out what makes rainy weddings special.  Instead of being stressed over something you can’t control – the rain, you will be thankful you hired a photographer who knows how to make the most of it.

Rainy wedding at Stonewall Resort, WV
Rainy wedding at Stonewall Resort, WV

With rain comes clouds, and clouds make a portrait look dramatic.

You’ve heard the saying, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!”  Well, when life hands you a rainy wedding, make gorgeous photos and enjoy your day!  Don’t get stressed!  Some of the most dramatic wedding photography we have taken is after the rain has past and the clouds are still angry.  Light peeks through the clouds and settles a while upon a spot cheering the world up.  There is something majestic about clouds.  It makes an awesome backdrop to a wedding dress.  Oftentimes it looks as if the clouds are mimicking the dress with its folds and shadows.   

Sunshine streaming through rain clouds.

You can bring amazing props to a rain day wedding.

We love using umbrellas as props.  A see-through umbrella captures the available light, shields the couple from the rain, and brings in soft light.  The portrait of a couple underneath the same umbrella looks sweet and intimate as if to say, “Whatever the world throughs at us, rain, sleet, or snow, we will make it through and have a blast together. 

Rainy weddings are amazing

Additionally, have fun with colored umbrellas!  Every person in the wedding party can have a different colored umbrella!  Or choose a pure white umbrella and your photographer can light it to made a wonderful glow and capture the rain drops as they fall.  Enjoy your day and don’t let rain keep you from having fun!

Umbrellas and weddings

Wear colored rain boots!  Matching red boots, or boots of all different colors are adorable in a photograph.  This is your day.  Rain, sleet or shine, rock it!

Cloudy days illuminate the skin in wedding portraits.

Laughing in the rain
Rainy weddings
Kissing under the porch
Rainy day weddings

From a photographer’s standpoint, a cloudy day is perfect for creating soft light that illuminates the skin.  The soft light is not harsh on the skin like bright or patchy sunlight on a sunny day.  On a sunny day, especially during an outdoor wedding, it is difficult to keep harsh shadows created by the direct sunlight on the skin.  Soft light from nature’s soft box, make the skin look like it is glowing.

Night-time rain pictures look amazing.

Rainy night weddings
Rainy night weddings

Have your photography light your picture from the back.  You will see every raindrop as you and your husband snuggle underneath an umbrella.  

Your photographer can also choose to bring backdrops for indoor portraits of you and your guests as well if the weather takes a bad turn. If the day you have dreamed of all your life, your wedding day, is rainy, it may be a blessing in disguise! Dance in the rain and enjoy your day!


Stefanie Ray is a professional photographer, owner and operator along with her husband, Tim Ray, of Tim Ray Photography. She is highly involved in all the color enhancement of the wedding photography. Tim Ray Photography is a family owned and operated business and has been in the wedding photography business for more than 30 years.

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