10 of the most common questions answered about wedding albums

A wedding album is like holding your entire world in print.  Your relationship with each other is everything.  A wedding album is delicately and creatively designed to tell the story, showing every detail and expression between the two of you.  Not only does it tell the story of your relationship, but it portrays fashion, fine art, as well as tell beautifully portray the story line of your wedding day. It’s something we do not take lightly at Tim Ray Photography.

It’s a couple of weeks after your wedding.  You have received your pictures.  You love them!  You want to have them to display on your wall in frames as art, give them as gifts, and place them in your wedding album so that you can show all your friends and family.

Help!  I can’t wait to receive my wedding album!  What do I do first?

I am so glad you asked!  Let’s get started!  This is a process, and we want to you to understand everything!  

After you have received a link to your beautiful wedding pictures we have taken, you need to favor (or place a star) next to the images you would like to be portrayed in your album.  Give Tim Ray Photography a call, text or email to help us know you are ready to begin the album creating process.

What type of images should I choose for my album?

Firstly, decide what type of album you would like to have and how thoroughly you want your wedding story to be told.  We at Tim Ray Photography love designing albums that tell the story of your wedding day from beginning to end.  This makes for a way for the people who will someday view your wedding album, to relive your wedding day and creates a more interesting album. For a more interesting album that tells a wedding day story, choose more candid story telling type shots rather than posed images of large groups of family.  

Two pages of your album make what is called a “spread”  When you open the album up, you will see two pages before you or a “spread”. Each spread should have one story line telling a story of your wedding day.  It should contain a collection of images from each event.  For example one spread will have images from before the wedding with the bride getting ready with the bride’s maids, groomsmen and parents.  Turn the page, and another spread will be of the ceremony, another, the reception, and several spreads will be the artful posed pictures of the two of you revealing the love you have for each other.  Each spread should have a nice amount of photographs.  Too many photographs will make a spread look busy.  

Once you have favored your photographs you want in your album, give Tim Ray Photography a call!  The sooner we receive the pictures you want in your album, the sooner you will have your album to enjoy!  We may have a lot of brides sending us information on their albums at the same time. Forgive us if we don’t keep calling you for approval of design, or wedding album information. Just give us a call and ask us if you have any questions at any time, or schedule a time to come in. We would love to help you pick out your portraits for your album. Depending on what album you order, it will take some time for the companies to manufacture your album.  The sooner we receive your favorite images and you approve our design, the sooner you will receive your album!

After I have favored my images and given Tim Ray Photograph a call, what happens next?

Your album design will take 1 to 2 weeks.  When you call us, make sure we know your current email address as many brides will change their address with their married name.  We will send you a link that will enable you to view your album design.  If you approve of the album, we will order it right away.

If you have album changes, the process of receiving your album will  be lengthened.  It takes time to redesign the album with your changes.  After all, there are also other wedding albums to design as well from other brides.  The first set of changes to a wedding design is free.  However after the first set of changes, if a bride and groom still are not satisfied with the design, and depending upon the extent of the changes, there will be an additional wedding design charge.

I’ve approved of my album.  How long will it take?

Once the album design has been approved by the bride and groom, we do double checks and final checks to the design.  If we make a mistake, it is costly for us and time consuming.  So we make many checks to make sure it is all designed perfectly.  This sometimes takes a few weeks.  After all the checking and double checking, we place the order with the album manufacturer.  Depending upon the type of album you have chosen, the time you will be receiving your beautiful album differs.  

What type of albums do you offer?

Our first album we offer is our GraphiStudio album.  It is the perfect blend of first class materials, innovative design and timeless quality.  Lovely colors, soft touch organic surfaces, and stunning HD printing go into making this extraordinary album.

The Wedding book from GraphiStudio capture the art and passion of your photographer.  Being made in Italy, the choices of papers, covers and coordinated accessories are amazing wide.  From many types of leathers (distressed leathers or leathers of all textures), the Nappas (Italian high fashion), metals, are just a few types of covers that embrace die-cuts, images, inserts, and embossing.  The possibility is endless.  

GraphiStudio albums are truly for the elegant bride who is not as price conscious.  One of the more stunning wedding album offered by GraphiStudio is the Crystal Glance which is an acrylic cover which provides a smooth, pure, crystal like cover featuring an image or text.  GraphiStudio also offers a metal plate cover in both gold and silver.  These are just a few choices that enable the bride to get very creative with her wedding album and personalize it to suit her tastes.  

I have ordered a GraphiStudio album.  When will I receive it?

GraphiStudio is an Italian company.  It is not made here in the United States.  If you order a GraphiStudio album, it will take longer for you to receive it than if you have ordered one from an American company for many reasons.  Here is the process we use:

Once you have approved your album, we have checked it to make sure it is perfect in design, the order is sent to GraphiStudio.  Once our order is sent, it takes three months for GraphiStudio to build and ship it back to us here in the United States.  Firstly, because it is in another country, Italy, sometimes there is difficulty processing credit cards.  There is a lot of bank fraud in Italy.  This may delay the process and can take weeks.  Once the album is built by GraphiStudio after three months, it has to go through US customs.  After customs, the album is then shipped to us which takes two to three weeks.  Often times Italian holidays and busier album times (busy wedding months)  interfere with the time it takes for GraphiStudio to complete the album.  In essence, since we at Tim Ray Photography do not personally build the album, rather we design it, we sometimes are not in control of how long it will take for the bride to receive it.

What is the price of the GraphiStudio album?

We offer a 30 side book with 15 spreads.  The 8×12 GraphiStudio wedding album is $1500, the 10X13 is $2,250, and the 12×16 wedding album is $3,000.  Each additional spread added is  $100, $150, and $200 respectively for the smaller to larger size album.

What other types of albums do you offer?

Another type of album we offer is the flush mount album.  It is a more traditional and economical wedding album.  The design is simpler for those who want a more traditional black leather cover.

Our flush mount album is manufactured here in the United States.  Once the album has been designed and approved by the bride, it takes two or three months to receive.

What does the flush mount album cost?

The flush mount album is a 20 side book with 10 spreads.  The 10×10 album costs 4800, and the 12×12 is $1,200.  Each additional spread costs $80, and $120 respectively for the smaller and larger album.

Please call us today!  We can’t wait to get started on your wedding album!


Stefanie Ray is a professional photographer, owner and operator along with her husband, Tim Ray, of Tim Ray Photography. She is highly involved in all the color enhancement of the wedding photography. Tim Ray Photography is a family owned and operated business and has been in the wedding photography business for more than 30 years.

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