When I was a little girl my parents took photos of me and my siblings with our first dog, photos of the times we traveled for my dad’s job, or on vacations.  I treasure these old photos.

How can I remember these good times so well?   How can I remember what my Grandmother looked like as she held a bottle as she fed my younger brother?  How can I remember what it felt like to hold my baby sister, the beauty of my mother when she was a young woman, or how handsome my dad was when he was in the military?  I can remember them because my parents had them printed and I could hold them in my hand, or view them on the wall.

The printed photo is timeless.  

When my babies were little we took countless portraits of them.  Being full time professional baby photographers, we photographed them when we had a moment’s chance.  One of my regrets is not photographing them more often.

Many of the portraits I had printed.  I now hang them on our wall or place them in albums.  I look at them all the time.  I cherish my portraits of our children.

Our Daughter Emily
Our daughters Josie and Emily

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Many of the portraits of my children we did not print because we got busy.  Those portraits remained stored on computers, CD’s and negatives.  Along the way, the computers have broken, the CD’s no longer work (or our CD player is broken), and the negatives are stored in an envelope somewhere.  Some of the lost portraits remain on facebook.  However, facebook minimizes the size of the portrait which minimizes the quality over time. The portraits look pixelated.  The originals are lost forever.

Prints are family heirlooms.

The ones we had printed are still vibrant.  I can relive moments with my babies that I treasure.  I still love the ones we have hung on the way and sit in frames.  I have whole walls decorated with portraits of family vacations we took in gallery wrapped frames.  I can relive all those amazing times just by entering a room.

Memories can get lost in the digital world.  They get lost on social media, hard drives, and “in the cloud” and are rarely seen by loved ones

We believe life belongs in print!

The fact of the matter is a few months after the wedding, when the social media buzz is over, your dress will have been worn and put away, the cake eaten, and the party will be over.  Guests will forget what great conversations they had or how great the music was.  But every visitor in your home will see the artistic prints of your wedding, family or baby on your wall.

The power of prints.  Consider these facts.

  • Prints will make you think of your wedding, treasure the memories of your family and friends more.
  • Prints will help you relive the best moments of your life.
  • Prints make artful and beautiful decorations for your home.
  • Prints personalize your home.
  • Prints will initiate conversations about your wedding.
  • Family portraits can improve a child’s self esteem.
  • Not all your portraits you post on facebook will be saved in your facebook memories.
  • The quality of the facebook post depreciates and pixelates with age.
  • Do you really trust facebook to keep all your family pictures for years to come?
  • What if decide to cancel your facebook in the coming years?  Your pictures will be lost forever.

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Stefanie Ray is a professional photographer, owner and operator along with her husband, Tim Ray, of Tim Ray Photography. She is highly involved in all the color enhancement of the wedding photography. Tim Ray Photography is a family owned and operated business and has been in the wedding photography business for more than 30 years.

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