After the wedding cake has been eaten, the gorgeous dress has been worn, the tuxes put away, and the flowers have faded, you will have two things from you wedding day left to enjoy.  You will have the one whom your heart adores, your husband/wife, and you will have your pictures.

Why it is important to have a budget.

Set a budget.  Prioritize what is important to you.  Is impressing your guests the most important thing?  If so, the cost of decorations, flowers, entertainment, and all the other added cost of a wedding will begin to add up.  Before you know it, you don’t have photography in your budget.  Hire your photographer first if pictures are your priority.

Why prioritize photography in your wedding budget?

Many couples regret not budgeting for an experienced artful wedding photographer.  Click here to find out what questions to ask a wedding photographer whom you may hire.

Many brides and grooms begin to find because photography was not prioritized in their budgeting, they end up with substandard wedding portraits.  The portraits are poorly lit, there is no expression of romance between the bride and groom, rather they are awkwardly posed because the photographer they hired on the fly was inexperienced, and most of the candids are blurry.  The group family shots are so dark, you can’t see anyone’s face.  Worst case scenario, a cousin volunteered to photograph their wedding for free, but found she had to work that day. Or the couple hired an inexperienced photographer who works another job on the side, and he was out of business before the wedding day leaving the couple without a photographer altogether.

Don’t become so overwhelmed with the details, you forget what is important.

Brides often become overwhelmed by decorating ideas, flowers, reception details, and such an overwhelming desire to impress their guests, that they forget the most important thing – capturing their wedding day in photographs.  

Photographs will be all you have left when the day is over.

Photographs will be all you have left when the day is over.  They will be hung on your wall and add to the beauty of your new home the two of you have together.  Wedding portraits will be shown to your little kids while they can see how beautiful mommy looked on her wedding day.  She looked like a princess! Your children will be able to see their Grandma who passed away clearly and artfully portrayed.

You will enjoy your wedding portraits for the rest of your life, long after the food is eaten and the party is over.


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